How to make meth with brake fluid and chlorine tablets

Jan 12, 2014 . This seemed to make it easier to use for some reason.. … If you pour brake fluid on one of those chlorine tablets they sell at pool supply stores (swimming pools, not billiards), it will. The last one makes a form of meth. 1 Answer - Posted in topics: brake, fluid - Answer: why? are you a meth user?. Oct 29, 2010 . DON'T go in there looking like a meth addict!. Wholesale and all the stuff to make your own, including plans and kits.. … But let us say you're out of gasoline, and all you have left is granulated pool chlorine and brake fluid. Sep 19, 2015 . Surf the internet for long enough and you'll run into a recipe for a mix that's explosive, or at least as fiery as a dragon. Brake fluid and chlorine is . Apr 24, 2017 . The Ingredients. Pool chlorine and brake fluid mixed together produce a chemical reaction. The chlorine, also known as calcium hypocholorite, . A flash form of methamphetamine (see Meth) which requires little time / skill to cook. Tweaker 2: No worries, grab some matchbooks and we'll cook us some more.. Slang or short for Chameleon Dope (Chlorine Tablet and Dot-3 Brake Fluid) . Jun 29, 2012 . The ingredients are then cooked to make methamphetamine in high. Ephedrine is obtained from Sudafed tablets by crushing the tablets and. Brake Fluid: Brake fluid is corrosive enough to eat through paint of chrome.The meth has a street value of roughly $46,000, according to CBP. Rivera is being held without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned September 7th. In a paper published today in the journal PLOS ONE, that team details their energy-recycling stairs, which store energy when you descend, and then release it to make. Tomorrow is Lipstick Day and M.A.C. is giving away free full tubes of the stuff to celebrate. You don’t have to buy anything, just show up at one of their U.S. Express Helpline- Get answer of your question fast from real experts.