About Us

Our History from 1992

Sept 2020

Without further ado, The Raj Mahal is finally open again!


If you are local to Bristol you probably will have noticed this established restaurant had closed its doors a couple years ago. The business had a long successful run of over 25 years until 2018 when the restaurant owner, Raj, decided it was time for a fresh new look. After some unexpected set backs, The Raj Mahal is back in business for late 2020.


Raj embarked on his restaurant industry career in London, back in the late 70’s. Always aiming to please his customers, he built a great reputation and grew strong connections, which ultimately led him to Bristol in 1992 where the Raj Mahal began.


Over the years Raj had attracted people from across the globe and retained a number of regular customers, many of which praise him for his attentiveness and amiable personality.


Notably, the care of customer specific requirements, whether it be due to allergies, vegetarian, vegan or simply looking for something new, the Raj Mahal is able to tailor dishes completely unique to the customer, which had also been responsible for earning repeat business.


With excellent reviews from local publishers, including consistent 5 star ratings from the Bristol Evening Post, we are sure that you will receive that renowned customer service and the finest dining experience, making it worth the 2 year wait!